In the Early Years and Foundation Stage (Pandas) and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) the books are organised by colour bands to support growing reading ability following guidance from the Institute of Education. 
Rosie the reading dog comes in weekly to read with children. This develops children's confidence and enjoyment of reading and the children thoroughly enjoy being able to spend time with Rosie and read to her. 
Children regularly practise their handwriting throughout the school. In KS2 children can gain pen licence marks from well presented and neat work. 
Useful English websites
We follow a spelling scheme called 'Deep Sea Spelling’; this covers a wide range of the most common spelling rules and patterns, with different rules for each term and each year. Each week the children are given spellings (appropriate for their ability) based on a spelling rule, for example 'words ending in the 'shun' sound (tion, sion and ssion endings). They write these spellings in their Pirate Spelling Log at school. At home, the child should, 'Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check' each word 3 times in the spaces provided.
You can help your child at home with spelling by:
Ensuring that they complete their Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check.
Discussing unfamiliar words with your child.
Finding other words that fit the pattern or rule for that week.
We use the Jolly Phonics scheme and Phonics bug for phonics and early reading. Rigby Star scheme is used for beginner readers.