Flamingo Class is the second infant class. We are lucky to have a lovely big classroom with space for a role play corner (which changes each term), a dolls house and a book corner filled with great reading and picture books we can take home each day. The children thoroughly enjoy being in the book corner and sharing books together.

 We have a set of iPads that we use daily to support our learning in the classroom. We are also lucky to be next to the computer suite and love to use the computers to reinforce our learning through games and activities. 

We take part in a range of outdoor learning/ forest school activities and the children love to explore the outside, looking at animal homes and building their own. 

We  enjoy a range of activities and are rewarded for our hard work with house points, golden tickets, stickers, certificates and the opportunity to be the class 'star of the week'.

 Flamingo Class have a ‘class toy' called Fluffy the Flamingo, who goes home with a different child every day. The children enjoy sharing their adventures with Fluffy in his diary to read to the class the following day.