Our vision

Our Vision as a Church School

Chailey St Peter's Church of England Primary School is a church school and at its heart are the values of our Christian Foundation. Our school life is underpinned by three key Christian values, Love – the unconditional care for and respect of every person, Hope– the high but not unreasonable expectations we hold for everyone and Forgiveness– every day is a fresh start and once problems have been dealt with we move on.

We focus on the whole child - their personality, their family context,their learning style and specific needs and their community setting.

We value every child and adult we come into contact with and aim to make a positive difference for them.

We aspire for all our children to become confident, secure, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.

Encouraging our children to be strong, happy, fulfilled, confident, value differences and show respect for others is a school priority.

At Chailey St Peter’s we listen to what our pupils have to say and value their contributions by acting upon them.

We care for and respect each child without condition.

It is important that we have high expectations for each child, as they are our future.

We believe that learning and growing in a caring Christian environment will strengthen the values, principles and personal beliefs of our pupils, equipping them for living life in the 21st Century. In establishing their own journey towards a personal faith, we will equip our pupils with the courage and strength to defend their own beliefs whilst showing tolerance and respect for others. In an environment where Christian Values are promoted and modelled we hope our children will grow up as confident citizens of the future, who are able to contribute to a legacy for future generations with integrity and purpose.