Zebras are the Year 3 class, made up of 22 children. In Zebra class, learning is fun, creative and active.

In Zebra Class we strive to have a happy, caring and supportive environment. We learn independently, in pairs and collaboratively in small and larger groups to always achieve our very best.

We have created our own Class Charter in which we have recognised the importance of listening to each other, looking after our equipment, saying and doing kind words and actions, being helpful, caring, respectful and honest. The children collect class points by working together to create our happy and supportive environment. The children are very excited to be working towards a class treat once we reach our target. We also choose a star of the day, who will have special privileges for a day!

The children love to learn creatively, using their imaginations to create, for example, healthy menus for humans and animals! They have already demonstrated great creative skills when learning about Zebras and the features of other animals as seen in our close observational drawings and skeleton pictures.  They too enjoy singing and listening to and exploring music from different genres. They will have lots of opportunities to create their own musical compositions too!

We are lucky enough to have our own set of laptops and iPads in Zebra Class. The children love to use these for research and to reinforce learning through games and activities.

 We have a book corner bursting with great books to read and the children are excited to be exploring the new books that a junior class has to offer. The children can read independently during guided reading time and can recommend their favourite books by writing a book review for our class review book.

The children love to explore the school's wider environment and will enjoy using our outdoor area for learning whether it is Science, Maths, English or Art and Design. We recently visited the school’s secret garden for outdoor learning/forest school and thought about all the animals that could live there. The children made a long list which we then categorised into vertebrates and invertebrates. Hopefully soon they will be creating habitats for some of the creatures they found.

We have a creative homework menu in Zebra class which the children have already enjoyed using. This is a menu of activities, linked to our Learning Journey, which caters to a lot of different interests. Already this term the children have created a healthy menu and animal masks.

Just like the Zebras in the wild we enjoy learning together, looking after each other and always persevering in Zebra Class!